Some Challenges of Immigration

The truth is that immigrating is not easy. It can be very challenging. You think of a family coming from a deep rural refugee camp in Africa. The children have not attended formal school for many years. They come to Canada and they have to be placed in grades depending on their ages. How do they catch up when they are four or five grades behind? Mum or dad or both are also not educated. How do they get jobs when they do not have adequate English level to be able to communicate? Some are not able to do an interview because they cannot even open a file to answer questions on the computer.

Other challenges include but not limited to:


How do relate as husband and wife in Canada where there the kind of equality that is too foreign to you both, husband and wife?

How do you parent your children in a society in which children seem to be the boss in a home?

How do you fare in such a materialistic world?


How do you get and keep a job? How do you write an adequate resume? How do you do an effective interview? How do you conduct yourself at work to keep the job until you yourself decide to move on?

How do you integrate into the mainline society and not be isolated in your own minority group?


How do you practice your faith or serve God in the mainline church and not feeling the need to start your own cultural church?

How does a mainline church accommodate believers from different cultures?


How do you help your children to adapt to the new way of life in Canada while still being respectful to their original culture?


How do you make friends with people from different cultures?


How do you get married to someone of a different culture?