Our Current Services

 Multicultural Celebration  

The multicultural celebration allows people to showcase their culture as their contribution to building our Canadian society. The goal of the multicultural celebration is to celebrate one’s culture in a context of the larger community rather than doing it in isolation or in the context of one’s own people or culture. It is a contribution to building one Canada instead of many Mini-Canada's within our great nation.

 Summer Camp 

CISS offers quality day summer camps for children 6 years to 13 years old. Our camps go for three to four weeks every summer.

 Conversation Café  

Charles is passionate about building a united and strong community. As an author of two books (31 Essential Principles of Leadership and Africa, It’s Time!), former Pastor of the Gospel Chapel of Youngstown, past president of the board of the Council for the advancement of African
Canadians, missionary Chaplain and teacher at the Gitega International Academy in Burundi, Africa and
as founder and Executive Director of Christian Immigrant Support Services, he wants to create forums for conversations, discussions and learning in order to build a strong Lloydminster community in which
we all feel at home and responsible for making our city the best place to live in Canada.

Past Services

 Resource Safety Work   Program for Oil & Gas   Industry  

CISS offered successfully two and half
weeks safety work programs for immigrants to equip them to work in the oil and Gas industry.

 Matching Immigrants   and Canadians  

CISS matched immigrant families and Canadian families in a way of
building unity in a multicultural society.

 Christmas Hampers  

We identified 30 immigrant families and enrolled 30 Canadian families who delivered the hampers that were used as an entry point to starting a friendship between immigrant
families and Canadian families.

 English as Second   Language Conversation  

We taught English to immigrants through a group conversation.

 Typing Skills  

It was shocking to see how much the slow typing speed was a contributing factor for immigrants not getting a job or not maintaining their jobs. With the training, immigrants improved immensely their typing skills and consequently their self-esteem and confidence.

 School and Family   Liaison  

The goal was to support immigrant children and their families as well as the schools on how to best maximize the immigrant children’s success in school.

 Homework Clubs  

Helping children who are behind in their schooling to catch up with their grades.


Helping immigrants to see the value of volunteering. We volunteered to clean the parks.

 Mentoring Programs  

Mentoring is good for everyone. It is even more needed for immigrants who are struggling to adjust to how life is and is done here in Canada.